Her story...

Trying to break out of the social perception formed that getting hands dirty with concrete for a profession has its masculine connotations, Anthea thought working with concrete would be the best catalyst to sharpen her creative edge and to get out of the finance sales and banking industry she’s dedicated years to.

The first concrete was poured in 2020, and 3 months into it on November 2020, the seeds of Thea Béton were planted.

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Why Thea Béton?

I believe in uncompromising integrity and honesty in the quality of materials, time and effort in each handcrafted fabrication of my concrete products. Each step counts, and every detail makes a difference. I value creating timeless pieces in their most natural form, whilst also ensuring their quality.

Top Quality
My concrete products are all made of high-grade quality cement and high-performance admixtures that strengthen compressive and tensile strength, overall increasing durability— making them resistant to harsh weather and heavy cracking. I absolutely refuse shortcuts or cheap alternatives in what I do.

Besides carefully handcrafting it with the quality of materials I invest in for a fine concrete mixture, I spend a great amount of effort polishing and detailing it to an ideal finishing. I also constantly source around and try out new admixtures to achieve beneficial effects for my concrete.

Concrete is widely used in the world, so I try to work around materials such as leftover aluminium, wood and acrylic scraps to improvise on forming them into concrete molds as a way of upcycling, or to be embedded in my concrete making for aesthetic design or functional support.

Some of my happy customers

Concrete Lovers

Bespoke / Collabs

If you have any designs in mind for personal custom pieces — for office or event purpose, or wish to collab with me in some way, drop me something here. Let's get to know each other!

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