Product FAQs

Do you customise?

Absolutely, in every sense of it! If you have a design in mind or see something you like off Pinterest, send it over to and I’ll recreate it with some little modifications.

To custom make, of course, would not be at the cost as like the classic pieces on my website which can be crafted in bulk. To create your custom concrete decor or furniture for home, work office or special event, please do consider the time needed depending on the complexity of your product specification.

These factors require a substantial amount of time and planning: 3D designing and 3D printing of molds, materials and techniques for that particular concrete mixture, casting and demolding, sanding and polishing, sealing, and especially the drying time in every step that cannot allow any shortcuts and compromising.

What should I do if I want to customise?

To order a bespoke design for an event or business purpose of <50 sets, do allow at least 3 to 6 months of discussion. For 100 pieces and more, please discuss minimally 6 to 9 months in advance.

Can you color match, guarantee an exact shade and texture?

If you are considering this, it means you are still learning more on concrete! Yay. The beauty of the nature of concrete is that it is raw. They will not look perfect and flawless, unless you want them so and with skills on how to along with the appropriate chemical products and specialised admixtures.

Small hand mixed batches of concrete will vary slightly in shade from one to the next. No two pieces are exactly the same— each piece has its different bugholes, shade, surface texture, mass, lifespan and whatnot.

Why would concrete vary in colors, shades and textures?

Concrete objects that are mixed with colour pigments and different aggregates like sand, usually end up looking more rough or solid surface than flawless and smooth.

Concrete is cured with different factors that can affect its end product look, like temperature and humidity that determine its exposure to heat and moisture. Each piece is unique with its own variations, giving concrete its beauty and which makes each of them unique.

Each piece of work is like a fingerprint, no two are alike— and I encourage everyone to embrace these variations! It should be the reason why you love concrete.

Will they crack in time to come?

It goes without saying that your concrete will crack if you hit it with a hammer or throw it from a high level. Although concrete is a very strong material, it does have its limits. Placing a massive amount of weight on top of it can possibly cause cracking. It is also possible to see hairline fracture/micro cracks in your concrete over time, especially if it is exposed to immense heat outdoors.

Will my product crack easily?

Each of my product is carefully sealed with a strong concrete sealer that is an effective barrier for protection to damage, and especially for resistance to water. The sealer I use enhances bonding strength by 2 to 3 times, making the pieces stronger and more durable than they already are. Before I send them your way, they are definitely coated with this waterproof sealant! I have an OCD thing, I do feel bare for them if they are not properly sealed and good to go.

How do I clean and maintain care?

A decent wipe with a microfibre cloth (their fine fibres leave no lint or dust) is enough, or with water. I would say for countertops, always wipe up spills right away to prevent stains. If you plan to keep your concrete home decor or furniture for years, the sealer will eventually slightly wear off and the best thing to do by maintaining it is to seal it again every year or so.

Avoid cleaning your concrete with anything containing ammonia, citric acid, bleach, vinegar, lacquer thinner and any chemicals abrasive and harsh to prolong the life of the sealer.