About Thea

Anthea from Thea Béton 

It all started out as an interest to feed on her curiosity and constant yearn for new creativity. Trying to break out of the social perception formed that getting hands dirty with concrete for a profession has its masculine connotations, Anthea thought working with concrete would be the best catalyst to sharpen her creative edge instead of dedicating all her years in the finance sales and banking industry.

Along with a supportive and knowledgeable partner who believes in her potential in taking concrete far beyond just an interest for the weekends, she is guided by his knowledge in the manufacturing industry with professional experience in using machineries and technologies to work around leftover materials in the production workshop, such as aluminium, wood and acrylic scraps— that she improvises for concrete molds as a form of upcycling, or to be embedded with concrete for aesthetic design or structural support.

With bigger plans on Thea Béton going fully on Bespoke Concrete, and with no background experience in the architecture or engineering field, she is feeding off this challenging steep learning curve in perfecting these modern and functional little pieces to bigger bold and timeless home decor.

The first concrete was poured in 2020, and 3 months into it on November 2020, the seeds of Thea Béton were planted. 3D design, 3D printing, silicon molding and digital marketing were self learned within months, as she believes in these taking her far.